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9 comments on “ Mincecore Way - Rotocles / Rottingrex - Rot,Rot,Rot,Rot (Cassette)

  1. Rot was created by Steve Englehart and Jorge Santamaria and first appeared in Celestial Quest #2. He wasn't properly introduced into #5 however. Major Story Arcs Celestial Quest.
  2. Mar 19,  · rotX (feat: ROT5, ROT13, and ROT47) - posted in Scripts and Functions: hi all,heres a lil script which provides a variant of the allfame rot13 coding - aka Caesar Encoding. This function also includes the rot47 and the rot5 variant.I coded this, cuz i found a lil signature in a forum which said:You know that you dont know a language, when after ROT13 it still looks as ROT13rotX(txt, rot=
  3. Jun 18,  · Scale rot is a disease that can affect reptiles. Its primary causes are infection with bacteria, contamination of infected areas with animal feces, and having reptiles in warm and humid environments, especially moistness in bedding, where bacteria can fester. Even in very clean animal enclosures, a snake or lizard can develop scale rot.
  4. ROTOCLES/ROTTINGREX: split (RAW and PUTRID FILTHY MINCECORE from both!! limited & # to copies only on BOG!!) ROTTINGREX/YATTAI: split (RAW MINCECORE from Indonesia with a AGx cover ofcourse!! vs. French faaaaastcore maniacs YATTAI with a .
  5. ROT 13 translatio. For example, HELLO, would be translated to URYYB: ROT 13 example. If you come across some code and you’re not sure if you are looking at ROT13 or another, similar cipher you can use frequency analysis to identify the shift. Find the most commonly used character in the cipher text.
  6. Wet rot fungi found in buildings can be divided into two types, brown rots and white rots. With the exclusion of one brown rot, (Serpula Lacrymans otherwise known as Dry Rot) all brown rots are collectively referred to as wet rots.
  7. Feb 24,  · Make a roti with the rolling pin & spread some poppy seed on it and press lightly, after that make a hole on the middle of the rot. Put on pan on slow gas flame and fry rot with clarified butter (deshi ghee) both the side till golden brown. Serve hot or cool.5/5(1).

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