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  1. Dec 13,  · The only difference between the collapse of our society and other similar events like the fall of the Roman Empire or the collapse of the tower of Babylon is that this time the destruction of our society is going to be televised. Between tv, youtube, and countless internet posts our downfall will be the most well chronicled ever.
  2. "Hitler's Henchmen" is a six-part series that portrays the men who aided Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and serviced the infernal machinery of the Third Reich. The Nuremberg Trials play an.
  3. Sep 12,  · Aliens are one of the most fascinating aspects of the Star Wars saga. They look strange, sound strange and act strange — all things at odds with another iconic element of Star Wars: the martial order and perfect conformity of the Galactic Empire. This series sheds a light on some of the most notorious alien henchmen of the Empire to straddle these worlds, drawing upon the films and the.
  4. Jun 28,  · The Department of Justice charged four men with destruction of federal property after they tried to tear down a statue of former President Andrew Jackson near the White House last week. The felony charge carries a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.
  5. Jun 20,  · But what about those cinematic henchmen In this he excelled). Maximillian is a Swiss army knife of destruction, with laser arms, whirling blade arms, a juicer, a blow-drier (for his boss), more laser arms-you name it, he's got it and is probably going to use it to murder you.
  6. Mercenaries are NPCs players can hire to fight alongside them. While Mercenaries were largely a novelty in early versions of Diablo II, they are substantially upgraded in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, and can be quite effective when properly equipped and supported.. See the Mercenary Guide for detailed strategy, skill, equipment, and much more information about Mercs.
  7. May 01,  · The Jesuits never do anything out in the open where they can be exposed. If they are recognized as the culprits, they will be blamed and suffer the consequences, but if they can use someone else as the cause of the worlds problems, especially an enemy they can destroy in the process, then they have simultaneously accomplished two of their objectives.
  8. Now key members of the elitist faction's leadership in the Democratic and Republican parties have embarked upon a scurrilous campaign of personal destruction aimed at discrediting Bachmann's demand. Their campaign makes use of ad hominem attacks that accuse her of anti-Muslim bigotry and falsely suggest that her apprehension has no factual basis.

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