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8 comments on “ Care Beyond Built-in Obsolescence

  1. Built-in obsolescence definition: the policy of deliberately limiting the life of a product in order to encourage the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. Because Adam failed his testing in the Garden, mankind has been forced to live in a natural world that has outlived its built-in obsolescence and is groaning, waiting for the new creation to replace it. The key application of this truth is we ought to take care that our hearts are in .
  3. Dec 29,  · Built-in obsolescence is the deliberate limiting and shortening the useful life of products. The latest example is Apple’s confirmation that it deliberately slows down some models of its iPhone as they age. It explains and justifies doing so in order to match .
  4. A successful policy to encourage longer product lifespans requires measures beyond bans on built-in obsolescence together with a circular economy model accounting for both efficiency and Author: Harald Wieser.
  5. care. Executive management would understand and support the development and implementation of an obsolescence strategy and be prepared to pay for it. The cus-tomer would understand the implications of obsolescence and buy into the ‘cost avoidance’ concept. Much of the initial work has been done in the defence and aerospace industries, but.
  6. Obsolescence is a serious threat for built property. Given its immobile, long lasting and capital intensive character and its societal and cultural significance on the one hand and the high.
  7. Sep 09,  · Inderscience. (, September 9). Opposite of built-in obsolescence: Experts urge improving product quality for the sake of future generations. ScienceDaily. Retrieved .
  8. Dec 22,  · Wikipedia defines planned obsolescence (or built-in obsolescence) as: "in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life.

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